Saturday, August 21, 2010


Welcome to the official blog for Fellowship Bible Church softball!

Things kicked off this morning (August 21) with several eager, and talented, players taking the field at Granny White Park.  Of course, if you weren't able to make it this morning, that's perfectly fine.  We'll hold a few more practices before the season starts.

Remember - we're hoping to meet all players after the Saturday evening service (Aug 21st) in the Learning Center lobby, or in between 2nd and 3rd service on Sunday, August 22nd.  If able, please bring along your $65.00 registration fee (checks can be made payable to Keith Brawner).

We look forward to a great first season!

FBC Softball Coaches

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  1. An e-mail has been sent RE: the league (8/25/10). Practice Saturday, August 28th!